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Used Antminer S9、S9i、S9k、S9j miners

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S9 uses Bitmain's self-developed BM1387 chip, with 63 chips on each computing board, and each chip is equipped with an independent heat sink. The Antminer S9 adopts a dual-fan, triple-hashboard mining machine design, and the body is integrally formed. It uses a precision die-casting design and aluminum alloy materials to provide strong protection for the computing chip and improve the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the body. The overall internal structure is very tight, and the extension of the heat dissipation module interval brings a larger heat dissipation area. The interval also forms a unique air duct inside the mining machine, which can maximize the use of the fan and structural cavity to maximize the heat dissipation effect.
From the appearance of the product, S9i and S9 are not too different. Both use front and rear dual fans and triple computing power boards. The external structure of the product has not changed. S9i optimizes the overall heat dissipation system of the mining machine, and the improvement of the heat dissipation system brings another benefit is the drop in chip temperature. In a 40°C incubator test environment, the chip temperature of the S9i mining machine is about 5°C lower than that of the S9 when it is running. The reduction of chip temperature can improve the stability and reliability of the mining machine, which can extend the service life of the mining machine in the long run.


Product Name Antminer S9
Algorithm SHA256
Hashrate 13.5T
Power Consumption 1350W
Product Name Antminer S9I
Algorithm SHA256
Hashrate 14T
Power Consumption 1410W
Product Name Antminer S9J
Algorithm SHA256
Hashrate 14.5T
Power Consumption 1350W

Note: Since it is a used model, there is no warranty, please place your order carefully. We will provide a test video before shipment to ensure that the goods are good.

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