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Used and refurbished Antminer L3+ LTC miners

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Different from other mining machines, the Antminer L3+ adopts front and rear dual fans, four hashrate boards (other Ant series miners use three hashrate boards) mining machine design, the body is integrally formed, using precision die-casting design and aluminum alloy materials , In addition to providing strong protection for the computing chip, it also improves the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the fuselage. From the top of the miner, you can see that L3+ has four hashrate boards, each of which has three PCI-E6pin interfaces, and four data lines connecting the controller from the hashrate board. You can also see the interface of the control board. . From the front of the miner, you can see the configuration of the IP address feedback button, network cable interface, reset button and status indicator (also the Antminer L3+logo and qc label). The front fan of the miner can be seen from the front, and air can be taken in from this side. From the back of the miner, you can see the rear fan of the miner, and the wind is coming out from this side.

practical testing

The PPS mode of the Ant Pool is used for mining. The test site is a conference room with an area of about 30 square meters and the room temperature is 20 degrees. The heat and noise test is performed after the mining machine runs for 24 hours. At a distance of 10cm from the mining machine, the measured noise of the mining machine was 74dB, but the noise dropped to 67 decibels at a distance of 1 meter. Generally speaking, the noise of the Antminer L3+ is relatively small, and there will not be much noise after closing the door. The official hashrate of Antminer L3+ is 504M. In the 24 hours of actual testing, the average actual hashrate is about 500M/S, which is almost the nominal value. The official standard power consumption of the Antminer L3+ is 800W, and the power in the actual test is 773W, which is similar to the official nominal value.

Since L3+ has been discontinued, there are only second-hand and refurbished machines on the market, as shown below:

refurbished L3+
used L3+

Since it is a second-hand machine, there is no warranty, but we will provide a test video before shipment to ensure that the goods are good.

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