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First Grin Asic Miner Ipollo G1 Mini Grin 1.4gp/S with Lowesr Consumption 100W Voiceless for Home Use

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Model IPOLLO-G1 Mini from IPOLLO mining Cuckatoo31/32 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 1.4Gp/s for a power consumption of 100W.
* Hashrate:1.4Gp/s
* Power Consumption: 100W
* Outer box size: 78*148*158MM
* Machine weight: 0.5kg

Grin was born in November 2016 and is a hidden cryptocurrency based on Mimblewimble privacy protocol. Grin main network has been officially launched on January 16, 2019. Its Chinese name is "Gulingbi" and it uses Cuckatoo32 Pow encryption algorithm. Grin mining algorithm Cuckatoo has two modes: C29 (video card miner) and C32 (Asia miner).

Grin ASIC became one of the most popular coins of the year after its mainnet launch in 2019. At the time, a number of teams attempted to launch the Grin ASIC mining machine in the summer of 2019, only to call it quits. On August 22, at the 2020 Global Blockchain Computing Conference held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Zhejiang Aipineapple Technology Co., LTD presented the world's first Grin professional ASIC mining machine iPollo G1. The first public appearance of iPollo G1 caused a sensation in the industry.

Grin ASIC IPollo Pineapple G1 has the highest mining revenue, lowest electricity cost and highest technical content, according to the introduction

The Pollo Pineapple G1 Grin mining machine is designed as a two-barrel all-in-one machine

The IPollo G1 Grin machine combines the power supply and the Grin machine. On one side is the power supply, and on the other side is the IPollo Logo, brief instructions and precautions.

Ipollo G1 Grin mining machine heat dissipation system uses 2 supply air, 2 exhaust air, a total of 4 fans, the mining machine can be placed upright or lying flat, convenient and flexible.

The IPollo G1 Grin mining machine consists of a chassis, a power supply, a power plate, a control board and a heat dissipation system. After opening the shell, you can see the connecting wire of each part of the machine. The cooling fan is powered and controlled by the control panel. Protective rubber rings are installed at the contact position between the fan and the chassis. The design is thoughtful and careful.

The IPollo G1 Grin mining machine is equipped with a Hanqiang HQ3580-H01 power supply. Hanqiang HQ3580-H01 power supply has a maximum load of 3500W and conversion efficiency up to 94% or more. It can adapt to complex power supply requirements of mines (AC input 176V~300V) with IIC software communication, high reliability and good performance. One 16A power cable is delivered with it.

Two whole pieces of gold and bronze MEDALS are used to connect the mine electrical power source and the calculation force board. A 6PIN power cord is used for power supply of the control board. The function of the power jumper is to turn on the machine without software

The IPollo G1 Grin machine uses an AWH3 control board with interfaces defined as Ethernet interface, TF card slot, IP button, reset button, and status indicator.

There are 10 independent heat sinks distributed on each power plate, and the back of the power plate is also installed with a rubber pad to prevent knock against. The heat sink near the side of the chassis is also equipped with a separate rubber pad, so as to achieve all-round protection.

It is found that each independent heat sink is a separate calculation plate, the independent calculation plate is loaded with an independent chip, the heat conduction pad between the chip and the heat sink will conduct the chip heat to the heat sink.
Ipollo G1 Grin mine uses four 1438B DC12V 5A cooling fans to provide heat protection for the mining machine.

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