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Ebang ebit E12 44TH/s 2508W BTC miner

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The Ebit E12 mining machine uses the DW1233 chip independently developed by Ebang, and the average computing power can reach 44TH/S. Low power consumption, high computing power, independent heat sink, better heat dissipation. The heat sink adopts the latest bonding technology, and the shell material is stronger, providing better protection for your mining machine.
First, the product size is 215mm*196mm*310mm
Product weight: 10.5KG
Network connection: Ethernet
Working temperature 25℃ Working temperature
Working humidity 5%RH~95%RH non-condensing
Machine itself use

SHA-256 algorithm

The mining machine itself has a computing power of 44T
Power consumption: 2508 W
The factory default IP of Yibit is usually, if not, please download the management tool of Yibit from the official website to find the IP of the miner and then perform the corresponding operation.
1. Open your router configuration and set the router's LAN port to Generally, the router defaults to or If it is, there is no need to modify it. After the modification, restart the router and set the wing Bit uses a network cable to connect to the router.
2. Modified the router may be disconnected from the computer, wait for a while to restart the computer or find the local connection, select the Internet protocol point properties, open the window settings and click OK to confirm, and finally right-click the local connection point to repair to ensure that the settings take effect in real time
3. Open the browser, enter the IP address on the fan of your mining machine, the default is, and then press Enter. Enter the default user account admin of the mining machine, and the default password is also admin, and then click login to log in.
4. After logging in to the miner, click the miner status and hit the miner settings to enter the miner configuration page.
5. After the configuration is complete, you can start mining, click on the settings, and then the mining pool will take effect; enter the miner state to observe whether the mining machine is working normally.
6. Click the network management button to enter the network management information configuration page. If there are more than two Ebits, please change the IP to another address. Be sure to click the Settings button after modification.
7. Click Device Information-Device Status, and you can see the device frequency, computing power, and temperature respectively. The page displays the system configuration (intuitively reflecting the number of non-response mining pool tasks, computing power warning, temperature warning threshold, Device shutdown temperature threshold, frequency setting, etc.).

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