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Brand new Antminer T19 88Th/s miner

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The Antminer T19_88T is an all-in-one design. It uses parallel dual fans to supply air before air and exhaust air to dissipate heat. The integrated power interface has dual 10A interfaces. It can be placed on the rack or placed flat, the physical size of the miner is 400x195x288mm, and the weight of the whole machine is 14.3kg.
The Antminer T19_88T is equipped with a brand new APW12 power supply, which provides an adjustable voltage of 12-15V. It is powered by two external AC input lines. The power supply is affixed with a manufacturer's identification label, and a warning label is affixed to the power supply interface to indicate power failure. It is necessary to disconnect both power cords at the same time.
The matching APW12 power supply is fixed by a specially designed card slot, and then secured by screws on the air outlet side.
The APW12 power supply uses three fans to provide active heat dissipation for the internal components of the power supply. The dual 10A AC input power supply reduces the trouble of changing sockets in the mine. Built-in undervoltage, short circuit, overtemperature, and overcurrent protections enhance the reliability of the power supply.
Antminer T19_88T adopts a deeply customized and optimized heat dissipation design scheme. Two parallel 12cm/12V/2.7A fans are used on the air inlet side, and two parallel 12cm/12v/3.14A fans are used on the air outlet side to provide heat dissipation for the hash board. The customized fan bracket is attached to the hash board, and a conductive cloth is installed at the edge to prevent electromagnetic radiation.
Antminer T19_88T is equipped with 3 hashrate boards, and each hashrate board is attached with heat sinks on both sides. The deeply customized and optimized heat dissipation design is consistent with the Antminer S19 Pro 110T. The chip surface uses two monolithic heat sinks for heat dissipation. The entire heat sink is designed to flow linearly, making the wind resistance on the air inlet side smaller, facilitating air circulation to quickly take out heat, and effectively reducing dust accumulation. On the other side, a single heat sink is used to dissipate heat, and the area of the heat sink gradually increases from the air inlet side to the back, which effectively guarantees the uniform heat dissipation of the entire hash board.
Antminer T19_88T measured data
The Antminer T19_88T has been tested for more than 48 hours in the mine. The air inlet temperature (room temperature) is 25.3 degrees, the air inlet humidity is 81%, the air outlet temperature is 49.1 degrees, the air outlet humidity is 17%, and the power outlet temperature is 29.4 degrees; the power consumption of the ant mining machine T19_88T is 3067W.

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