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Bitmain Antminer S19Pro 110TH/S 3250W BTC miners

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Encryption algorithm/currency SHA256/BTC/BCH
Rated computing power, TH/s 110 ± 3%
Wall power consumption @25℃, Watt 3250 ± 5%
Energy efficiency ratio @25°C, J/TH 29.5 ± 5%
Detailed specifications Specifications
power supply
AC voltage input range, Volt 200~240
AC power input frequency range, Hz 47~63
AC current input range, Amp 20
size (length*width*height, without packaging), mm

Carton size (length*width*height, with packaging), mm 570*316*430
Bare metal weight, kg 13.2
Overall weight, kg 15.2Hardware Configuration
Network connection mode RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
Bare machine
Environmental requirements
Working temperature, °C 0~40
Storage temperature, °C -20~70
Working humidity (non-condensing), RH 10~90%
Working altitude, m(3-1) ≤2000


The S19 Pro mining machine is an integrated chassis power supply design. Its bare mining machine is designed with front and rear double-tube fans for heat dissipation. The outer surface of the fan is equipped with a mesh cover. This ensures that the mine operation and maintenance personnel avoid accidentally touching the blades and causing injuries, and protects the operation and maintenance personnel Safe; there is a grille on the back of the fan, which effectively prevents foreign particles from entering the high-speed fan to hit the hashrate board. The parallel fan design on one side of the mining machine significantly increases the ventilation; the series design of fans on both sides of the mining machine significantly increases the resistance of the mining machine to environmental resistance, that is, the ventilation volume of the mining machine will not fluctuate drastically as the mining environment changes . The internal computing power board of the mining machine uses a whole heat sink for heat dissipation. The heat sink is of a streamlined design. Although the wind resistance cannot be effectively reduced, the heat sink design effectively increases the heat diffusion area of the chip, making the chip The generated heat can be evenly and quickly transferred to the heat sink, and be taken away by the wind in time.
Actual evaluation
The air inlet temperature of the S19 Pro miner is 23.1℃, the relative humidity is 70%, and the air outlet temperature is 38.8℃; the relative humidity is 32%, the average air volume is 370cfm; the power outlet air temperature is 28.0℃. The power consumption of the S19pro mining machine is 3320W, and the mining machine control page shows an average computing power of 111.8TH/s, so the power consumption ratio of the S19 mining machine is 29.69W/T.

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