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Bitmain Antminer S19 95th new BTC miner

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Warning: Must have 220v-264v power to run!
> Hash Rate: 95TH/s ±5%
> Power Consumption: 3250W ±10%
> Dimensions: 178mm(L)*296mm(W)*298mm(H)
> Network: Ethernet cable is not included

The S19 series of mining machines are equipped with a new generation of customized chips from Bitmain. The s19 has a computing power of 95T, a power consumption of 3250w, and an energy efficiency ratio of 34.5 J. It is an all-in-one model with high computing power, low power consumption, strong stability and ultra-high cost performance. Advantages, with the new high conversion efficiency APW12 power supply, it can reduce the power loss during the conversion process, use more energy-saving, and greatly shorten the return period of the mining machine. It is nothing more than a choice in the era of large computing power. The power consumption of the whole machine is 3250w, sweeping the similar The product adopts an integrated design and a brand-new firmware design, which makes the machine start faster and has more stable performance. Choose new products with higher cost performance to maintain the advantage.

After 24 hours of actual measurement in an indoor environment of 26 degrees Celsius, the computing power of the Ant S19-95T slightly exceeded the official computing power index of 95T on both the local user panel and the mining pool. The power consumption range is between 3175.7 and 3217W, which is lower than The wall power consumption of the official website is 3250W, the 24-hour average computing power of the mining pool is 95.07T, and the measured energy efficiency ratio is 33.1J/T, which is lower than the 34.5±5%J/T power consumption ratio marked on the official website. On the whole, it is in line with and better than the official publicity data, which can be said to be a conscience product and a nugget weapon to deal with the halving.

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