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2022 the latest products Goldshell HS Lite 2900GH/s 700W handshake miner

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Model HS Lite from Goldshell mining 2 algorithms (Handshake, Blake2B-Sia) with a maximum hashrate of 2900GH/s for a power consumption of 700W.

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When it comes to Goldshell KD6, we have to mention Kadena, or KDA for short. KDA has always been regarded as an aristocratic coin in the currency circle, because the project R&D team is from major well-known institutions, and its background issuer is the top American consortium. The KDA trend curve is strong, and it is a proper Star II token!

KDA is currently a rookie of a small currency, and the currency price once made people crazy. Goldshell KD2, KD5, k1+, and KD BOX are also favored by the majority of miners. Goldshell KD6, which will be out of the factory in May, will definitely set off the next round of KDA boom. Mainstream machine. On the basis of KD5, Goldshell KD6 will improve more computing power and lower power consumption, making KD6 closer to home use and better humanization. The computing power of KD6 has dropped to an astonishing 26T, which is nearly 30% higher than that of KD5, making it the most powerful KDA machine in the industry. It is no exaggeration for Goldshell KD6 to call it the human agent of KDA.

As the mainstream model of KDA - Goldshell KD6, this mining machine supports the same algorithm as KD5, it is Blake2S, which is currently the highest computing power model for mining Kadena. Compared with the existing Ibelink k1+ in the market, this machine has twice the computing power and only 2630w of power consumption, and the proportion of electricity revenue is very low. And Goldshell's self-developed high-tech computing chip endows KDA with powerful data processing capabilities and improves computing efficiency. Let's look at its parameters.


Model: KD6_26.3T KD6 Kadena miner

Dimensions: 200 x 264 x 290mm

Weight: 8500g

Noise decibel: 80db

Fan(s): 2

Power consumption: 2630w

Voltage: 176 ~ 264v

Ethernet interface

Temperature: 5 - 45℃

Humidity: 5 - 95%

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