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2021 Newest goldshell LB1 LB-BOX 160W 190G 35dB silence no noise stocks Box miner

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Goldshell LB-BOX
LBRY Credits miner
LBRY - Content Freedom
175GH/S±5% |162W±5% |0.92W/G

Convenient products
Bring a better mining experience
To explore a product form that is more suitable for the crypto world,Goldshell improves functionality and convenience at the same time175Ghashrate, 162W power consumption, exquisite and powerfulIt can give you an excellent mining experience in any environment.

No additional equipment requíred
Suitable for various use environments
Goldshell BOX model improves the connection method
Only need to connect to the Ethernet, you can maintain a high-speed network connection. Bring a more high-quality experience.

Exquisite body design
Easier to install and save space
Well-designed internal structure and product appearance
Exquisite and durable, with a sense of design
Suitable for all people and environments

Practical management software
Comprehensively improve the operating experíence
Newly upgraded background management software
Accurately display real-time information of minerCan be easily set, conveniently check the device status

What is LBRY
LBRY is a new protocol that allows anyone to build apps that interact with digital content on the LBRY network. Apps built using the protocol allow creators to upload their work to the LBRY network of hosts (like BitTorrent), to set a price per stream or download (like iTunes) or give it away for free (like YouTube without ads). The work you publish could be videos, audio files, documents, or any other type of file.

Traditional video (or other content) sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify store your uploads on their servers and allow viewers to download them. They also allow creators to make some money through advertising or other mechanisms. However, there are some well-known drawbacks, especially for people whose material is perceived as not being advertiser-friendly.

LBRY aims to be an alternative to these sites, allowing publishers and their fans to interact directly without the risk of demonetization or other meddling.

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