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2021 NEW Silent Goldshell Mini-Doge 185M 235W LTC Miner

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No need for additional equipment
Suitable for home, office, and various use environments
Through special R&D and customization, Mini-DOGE will replace the original USB Type-A
Just connect to Ethernet, can maintain high-speed internet connection, Bring you a more convenient experience.

Dogecoin (DOGE) and Litecoin (LTC) are one of the two oldest cryptocurrencies, and their daily on-chain transaction volume is about 30,000. Dogecoin launched on December 6, 2013 is a meme (commemorative) currency and a fork of Litecoin because it uses the same hashing algorithm (Scrypt) (as Litecoin) .And mini-doge can get LTC and DOGE at the same time ,through the auxiliary workload verification mechanism (AuxPoW) miners can mine LTC and DOGE at the same time after setting up.
Note: The income ratio of DOGE and LTC is determined by each pool

Simple management software
Comprehensively improve the mining experience
Goldshell newly upgraded background management software
Can accurately display various miner data
Easily set up, convenient to check the running status of the equipment.

When mini-doge is running, the sound is very small. Mining at home only needs to consider power supply and heat dissipation. The operating noise of the mining machine can reach 75.7dB when it is just started, but after running smoothly, the noise measured at the air outlet of the mining machine is 59.8dB. The noise of the miner is 45.8 dB at a distance of one meter, which is relatively quiet. The sound level is similar to that of a home desktop computer.

It is worth mentioning that Mini-Doge has made two versions, the regular version and the egg version. The egg version is printed with the playful TO DA MOON pattern on the whole body, which represents the eternal belief of Dogecoin Holder and is full of feelings. , Friends who bought Mini-Doge can look forward to it and see if it’s good luck to get the Easter egg

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