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2021 New GoldshellCK-BOX Miner CKB Miner

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Model CK-BOX from Goldshell mining Eaglesong algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 1.05Th/s for a power consumption of 215W.

Recommended power supply: 80PLUS gold power supply above 600W, output current above 12V 25A
Goldshell CK-BOX
Nervos Network miner
Explore the possibilities
1050GH/S±5% |215W±5% |0.2W/G

Newly designed product form
Bring a better experience
To explore a product form that is more suitable for the crypto world,Goldshell improves functionality and convenience at the same time1050Ghashrate, 215W power consumption, exquisite and powerfulIt can give you an excellent mining experience in any environment.

No additional equipment requíred
Suitable for home, office, and various use envíronments
Goldshell BOX model improves the connection method
Only need to connect to the Ethernet, you can maintain a high-speed network connection
Bring a more high-quality experience.

Exquisite body design
Easier to install and save space
Well-designed internal structure and product appearance
Exquisite and durable, with a sense of design
Suitable for all people and environments

Practical management software
Comprehensively improve the operatíng experíence
Newly upgraded background management software
Accurately display real-time information of miner
Can be easily set, conveniently check the device status

1. What is CKB?
CKB stands for Common Knowledge Base blockchain, as well as its token Common Knowledge Byte.
2. In nature, what chain does CKB blockchain belong to?
According to the public chain, private chain, federation chain three categories, CKB blockchain belongs to the public chain, like ethereum blockchain, access and exit without Permissionless.
3. What is the relationship between CKB and Nervos?
CKB blockchain is the bottom of the Nervos ecosystem. If Nervos is a building, CKB is the foundation of the building.
4. What is the role of CKB blockchain?
CKB wants to change the blockchain paradigm from "world computer" to "consensus automaton". Layer 1 stores the consensus results, and Layer 2 executes the computation process to ensure security and improve performance, thus fundamentally solving the scalability problem of blockchain.
5. What do Nervos mean by Layer 1 and Layer 2 respectively?
Layer 1 in Nervos networks refers to the lowest Layer CKB blockchain, which acts as an infrastructure, similar to Polkadot's relay chain and beacon chain in Ethereum 2.0. Layer 2 refers to the various blockchains around Layer 1, similar to Boca's parallel chains and The shard chains of Ethereum 2.0.
6. What consensus mechanism does CKB adopt?
Like Bitcoin, CKB has opted for PoW consensus. CKB at Layer 1 needs to store consensus results and must ensure the security of the system. Bitcoin's PoW consensus mechanism has been tested for more than 10 years and its security has been verified, so PoW is the best choice for CKB.
7. What does token CKB represent?
Physically, CKB represents the storage space on the CKB blockchain. 1 CKB is equal to a one-byte storage Cell.
8. What is the role of CKB?
Storage of data, state, and other consensus results on the CKB blockchain requires the consumption of storage cells, which can be used as many as the number of CKBS. The Cell model is the universal UTXO model.
On-chain transfer, call smart contract and other operations need to consume miners' fees, which can be paid by CKB. In addition, CKB can be used as a Store of Value tool.
9. What is the total number of CKB releases?
CKB's release consists of two parts. The first part, called the "basic issue" or "primary issue," has a cap of 33.6 billion, all through mining, similar to bitcoin, mining the amount of mining roughly half every four years until it runs out; The second tranche, known as a "secondary offering", will be worth 1.344 billion a year.
In addition, CKB's Genesis block will produce 33.6 billion CKB, of which 8.4 billion (25%) will be destroyed in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto, and the remaining 25.2 billion will be distributed among teams, foundations, eco-builders, partners, investors, and testnet miners.
Therefore, there is no upper limit to the total number of ISSUES CKB can issue, but long-term HOLDERS of CKB can offset the impact of secondary issues by locking CKB into the Nervos DAO.

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